Looking for the Best Ice Crusher Machines? See These 2019 Reviews[updated]

Countertop ice crushers and shavers have managed to create quite a stir in many homes due to their ease of use. With warm weather patterns visible right throughout the globe, many people young and old depend on having a cool beverage with shaved or crushed ice to top it off. Mixologists and bartenders rely on crushed and shaved ice. Kids’ parties, street festivals and carnivals are a bore without slushies and snow cones. Crushing ice by hand is a daunting task and therefore, many manufacturers have introduced portable and heavy duty ice crushers while you can choose between electrical and hand operated machines as well.

  • Waring Pro IC70 Ice Crusher
    Ice Crusher

  • Type : Electric
  • Crushes up to 50 pounds of ice per hour
  • On/off toggle switch for easy operation

  • Hawaiian
    Shaved Ice Machine

  • Type : Electric
  • Great for shaved ice, snow cones, slushies, margaritas, fun drinks
  • Easy to Operate

    Portable Ice Crusher

  • Type : Manual
  • Holds approximately 4 cups of crushed ice
  • Easy to operate

  • Best Choice Products®
    New Ice Shaver Maker

  • Type : Electric
  • Make up to 400 lbs of shaved ice per hour
  • Waterproof "On/Off" switch for safe operation


Types of Ice Crushers

There are two main types of Ice Crusher Machines that are available in the market today.

1. Manual Ice Crushers – These items are purely made use by one’s hands. Hand cranks are available for you to crank up the ice when it is inserted into the machine or holding chute.

2. Electric Ice Crushers – This machines, on the other hand, requires less effort. You can simply plug in the product and insert the ice and switch it on. Depending on the speed of the crusher and blades, you will have shaved or crushed ice within minutes.


What you need to know about Ice Crushers

People purchase ice crushers for various reasons. If you own a bar or restaurant chances are that you purchase this product for professional use. You can also purchase crushed ice machines home use if you want to entertain guests at home.
This equipment is used to crush ice so that you can use the soft shaved pieces to make mouth-watering cocktails, slushies, juices and even snow cones. Before you choose an ice crusher, it is important that you consider how much ice you will require at any given time. There are heavy duty ice crushers that can produce more than 400 pounds of ice per hour or even more while there are mobile countertop models that can offer you small quantities as you wish. If you are a home user, you will not require heavy duty machines but a simple portable countertop model would do. Portable hand used ice crushers are small in size and can be moved about easily. All you have to do is insert the ice in the device and crank away using the hand bar. Make sure you do not insert your hand inside while the blades are churning the ice. There is no electricity involved. The electric ice crusher on the other hand always needs to be plugged in before you start crushing your ice.
There are user instructions to follow in all manuals that you receive and it is wise that you follow them as instructed.

When using any type of electric device basic safety precautions should be followed. Always make sure that you do not insert your hand into the chute/ice crusher while the device is plugged in and switched on. The blades are working at fast speeds in order to cut through the rough ice and you have to be aware of these at all times. Users should also read the manual when it comes to caring for the ice grinder once the work is done. You can wash the crusher and its components with water and wipe it off and leave it to air dry overnight. Always remember that you should not immerse the machine in water no matter how small the device is.


Benefits of Ice Grinding machines


There are a number of benefits that you can experience by having a manual or electrical ice crusher or shaver at home or at your workplace. Many people find it hard to nibble large cubes of ice. But having an ice grinder sorts out the problem instantly since you can get soft mounds of beautiful snow white ice within minutes of inserting the rough oversized ice cubes. The demand is more for crushed ice since it can be used to make a number of concoctions of various beverages. If you are entertaining guests, you can simply add them to your cocktails or martinis or any type of alcoholic or non- alcoholic beverage. The truth is, most beverages taste better with a little bit of crushed ice since it gives a unique texture and it feels great to chew. Another benefit of having an ice shaver at home or at your workplace is that you will have all the crushed ice that you need depending on the holding capacity of your machine. As long as you have the ice with you, you don’t have to worry about what comes out of the machine. The labor is less when you use an electric crusher. You can simply insert the ice and collect the crushed ice into a bowl and continue serving your guests.



Let’s check out the Top 4 Ice Crushers in the Market.

1. Waring Pro IC70 Professional Stainless Steel Large Capacity Ice Crusher


Waring Pro Ice Crusher reviews2019This Ice Crusher is a countertop model which can be used on a professional scale in your household. The machine model is a
large capacity ice crusher that boasts of a 150 watt motor. There are a number of reasons as to why the Waring Pro IC70 is considered to be a top model in the market. The main reason is its heavy-duty mechanism with its stainless steel blades which are generally in contact with the ice. The stainless steel blades are ideal for longer user and you don’t have to
worry about rusty blades anymore. With the capacity to crush up to 50 pounds of ice, this portable machine weighs only 8.4 pounds making it easier to move about. The Waring Pro Ice Crusher consists of a wide mouth funnel attachment (Ice chute) while the container at the bottom can hold up to 12 cups of crushed ice making it the ultimate party essential. The product also comes along with a user manual with various recipes that you can try out. The Waring Pro is built to North American electrical standards.

Operation – the ice container which can hold up to 12 cups of crushed ice should be placed under the bottom of the opening of the device. Once you plug the unit in, you can set the ON/OFF switch to the ON
position. It is important to remember that the appliance will not operate if the ice container is not in a secured position. Simply drop the cubes in to the funnel (ice chute) while the blades of the crusher will automatically drag it in. Do not use your hand or any other instrument to push it in.

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2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric Shaved Ice Machine


Hawaiian Shaved Ice MachineMade by Hawaiian Shaved Ice, this product is easy on your hands and quite fun to use. The S900A which is an electric shaved ice machine offers its users two ice molds that can be used to freeze round blocks of ice which in turn is used for shaving soft fluffy snow. The shaved ice is ideal for slushies, snow cones, margaritas and various fun drinks that can be made
during the hot summer days. The Hawaiian shaved ice machine comes with a one-year company warranty. The machine is a
countertop design which is easy on the eyes and can be easily blended with modern kitchen interiors. It’s convenient for people to use, handle and also dissemble which takes only a minimum amount of time. The machine does not take a lot of space while storage is convenient. Product dimensions include 8 x 6.8 x 12 inches while it weighs a mere 3 pounds. The S900A is the perfect ice shaver for families with kids since you can come up with many varieties of slushies and drinks during the summer.

Operation – As the user, you will have to simply fill the round ice molds with water and freeze overnight or until it has produced round and small blocks of ice. All you have to do is place a frozen ice block in the ice
chopper and press down gently on the motor assembly. You will have shaved mounds of ice which are soft as snow within a few seconds. The model consists of adjustable stainless steel blades that allow a smooth process while they can be easily replaced. The S900A can be plugged into any standard household electrical plug while it has been manufactured according to North American electrical standards.


3. VICTORIO VKP1126 Hand Crank Portable Ice Crusher

VICTORIO Hand Crank Portable Ice Crusherreviews
When purchasing a Hand Crank Portable Ice Crusher, make sure that you purchase one from the Genuine VICTORIO kitchen product range. This small ice crushing machine is the perfect kitchen tool that can be kept at any countertop, kitchen or bar. The product dimensions are 6 x 4.5 x 9.5 inches while the entire machine weighs approximately 1.5 pounds which makes it very light and easy to carry about. You might wonder of its steadiness if the machine is so lightweight. The VICTORIO portable ice crusher is manufactured with a strong suction base so that the product is securely kept in one place while you are making use of it. The ice crusher consists of stainless steel blades that can crush ice as you want them to be.

You can get your crushed ice in the form of coarse or fine ice while the bottom cup can hold up to 4 cups of crushed ice. The product is offered a 5 year warranty period by Victorio Kitchen Products. Most users have been commenting this device as being great in the kitchen or for parties making the crushed ice ideal for cocktails. Cranking up the ice by yourself gives you the satisfaction and builds up the anticipation of enjoying a delicious cocktail or slushy. The end product offers just the right surface area which can be used to melt at the proper rate.

A simple word for the wise – Take care of the machine. Once you have crushed your ice, leave it out to air dry preferably overnight. It is advised that you follow this procedure after every use which in turn provides durability to the product.



4. Best Choice Products New Ice Shaver Maker Sno Snow cone Icee Shaved Machine

Best Choice Products New Ice Shaver
Manufactured by Best Choice Products, the new ice shaver maker is a unique and brand new ice shaver. This heavy duty machine which weighs 18 pounds and uses a voltage of 110V and the power is 250W. Some of the key features of this device include a very sleek and eye-catching shape that is perfect to display on a countertop or even on a table. The Ice Shaver is low maintenance and quite simple to operate. The unit will automatically shut down if the handle is held up. This
mechanism can easily prevent injuries. The device consists of a waterproof “On/Off” switch which offers users safe operation. All you have to do is drop the ice into the hopper and push the handle down and allow the machine to do the rest.

Make sure that the ice that you use is of similar sizes and be able to fit in the opening. You can make up to 400
pounds of shaved ice per hour while this makes the perfect device to have in homes, businesses, restaurants, schools and various festivals. This Ice Shaver can not only be used to shave ice but it is also used to shave fruits and vegetables. The rotation speed of the machine is 2500 runs per minute. The machine boasts of durable construction with all stainless steel parts – the hopper, casing, shaving blades as well as the bowl which are ideal for long term usage.

The unit is low maintenance since you can simply wash the hopper, blade and holding the bowl with clean water and towel dry them for later use. Many users prefer this particular ice shaver mainly due to its speed and the quantity of ice that it provides in one serving.


Manual  versus Electric Machines

Why would you need an ice crusher? A lot of people think that an ice crusher is a nice luxury. It definitely goes a long way when it comes to drinking quality. It certainly adds a lot of nice texture to your drinks, but it’s not essential. A lot of people think that it’s not crucial.

It really all boils down to your needs because you might be drinking certain beverages that it would make sense to buy ice crusher machines.

First, do you produce smoothies in volume? Do you or your family members drink a lot of smoothies regularly? If that’s the case, you might want to consider buying a specialized ice crusher.

Do you produce or need a lot of drinks? Maybe you prepare margaritas for your friends and neighbours regularly. If this is the case, then that might warrant buying a specialized machine.

Moreover, do you prepare food that requires icing? In other words, you need ice to keep it from going bad. Do you produce this food in a heavy enough volume as to need crushed ice? Keep in mind that you can’t use ice cubes because they take up too much space. The best type of ice for keeping food ingredients fresh is crushed ice. This is especially true if you are storing a lot of fish.

Finally, if you need a simplified, easy and reliable way to control food temperature in large volumes, then you probably need this type of equipment.


Ice Crusher Machines are Not Created Equal

Assuming that you do have a need for ice crusher machines, keep in mind that they are not created equal. There’s a big divide between manual models and electric models. It may seem like electric models would win out every single time because, hey, who wants to roll up their sleeves and burn through a lot of elbow grease? Most of us would prefer something quick, convenient and easy. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it may seem because there are certain considerations and specific usage situations that would recommend a manual ice crusher option.

Besides the difference between manual and automatic ice crusher models, make sure you don’t lose sight of key selection features or qualities that apply regardless of whether you plan to crush ice with a push of a button or manually. Make sure you look for units that have a warranty. This piece of legal protection enables you to enjoy peace of mind. You should also make sure your machine is the right size and can handle the right volume. The last thing you want is for a monstrosity of a machine to hog up all your kitchen table top space.

Why You Need Manual Models

The big advantage of using a manual ice crusher is that you get a lot more control over the size of the crushed ice you produce. This is especially true if you’re using cubes. If you are making drinks that would taste better or handle better with a certain range of ice sizes, then you probably need to maximize control and discretion. In that context, it’s apparently best for you to go with a manual ice crusher model.


Why You Need Electric

If you don’t really care about the size of the crushed ice, then it’s probably best to go with an electric model. With an electric unit, you can produce crushed ice very quickly. Nobody gets tired.

Additionally, it can work at the push-button basis. When people need crushed ice, you just push a button and out comes crushed ice. No drama. No hassle. However, as mentioned above, it all depends on your specific needs.

Make sure you pick the right type of ice crusher. While going with electric is good for most people, you just don’t know when you’ll have a hankering for manually crushed ice. Maybe you’ll throw a martini party sometime in the not so distant future. If that’s the case, don’t be surprised if you get some connoisseurs or purists among your guests. These are people with very high standards. They want their drinks to be prepared just right. They are looking for a specific type of experience.

You wouldn’t want everyone’s fun to be ruined or for you to feel that your event didn’t live up to its fullest potential because all the details weren’t just right. If this scenario is very likely for you, then it is probably a good idea to get your hands on a manual ice crusher.



Final Thoughts

Most of you will agree that Ice Crushers have been a consolation when it comes to serving beverages at various events and festivals. Gone are the days where you have to count on chunks of ice cubes. All you have to do is add the cubes to the ice crusher and have beautiful soft mounds of ice. You can enjoy cocktails, slushies, and even snow cones at any event that
you organize. Choose your ice crusher machine according to your requirements. From heavy duty to portable machines and from
manual to electric ones, it all depends on your requirement. Shop wisely today!